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O Design is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, to this end we have retired 20 acres of our 30 acre property and are encouraging, with the help of the Greater Wellington Regional Council, the regeneration of the wetland and native bush remnants this area encloses.

We are hosting another 350.org event this year, building on the success of last year, inviting people to come with spade and locally sourced native plant to help regenerate our valley.

View a slideshow of our protected valley here.

We use solar panels to heat our hot water, drive a low emission vehicle and encourage clients to work via email/phone rather than visit the office. We minimise all office waste, and recycle all paper waste. Working from home means commuting is a short stroll from the house, and all office drinks are brewed at home using reusable crockery. We are constantly striving to minimise our impact on the environment and are commited to extensive tree planting exercises each year on our land, of both native, fruit and fire wood trees. We sponsor tree planting at the local college. Any queries, please contact jane by phone 06 370 8584 or by email jane@odesign.co.nz

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O Design supports Greenpeace